Why Beam Internet from Space?

Internet Everywhere

Cost Effective

Hassle free Internet

About 4 of our satellites will cover the whole of India.

Because it’s cost-effective and of course, cool! In semi-urban and rural areas, space based internet is 100 times cheaper than any of the current methods of internet delivery. We will have a constellation of high throughput satellites that will cover every nook and corner within our coverage area. Moreover, the quality of our internet doesn’t depend on your location: users in crowded cities, small towns, and remote villages will get the same deal. Since we do not require cables on ground, our mode of internet delivery is completely reliable.

How do we do it?

Floating routers orbiting Earth at 1400km

We will have a constellation of 150 High Throughput Satellites orbiting the Earth at 1400 kilometer. These ‘floating routers’, as we love to call them, take turns to provide high bandwidth, reliable internet wherever you are. The satellites talk to each other and form a Tier-1 internet network in space. We will also have ground stations connecting our satellites to terrestrial internet.

How are we different from others?

Advanced HTS Satellite


per satellite


Frequency Range



Same Download

& Upload Speeds

Each of our satellite carries a very high throughput transponder with more than 100Gbps capacity. Our transponders are twelve times more powerful than any other transponder that exists in the industry today. Our satellites operate in millimeter frequency range – this gives them higher bandwidth and makes frequency reuse much more efficient. Also, they have 100 Gbps download and upload capacity, and this guarantees equal download and upload speeds for the user. Our millimeter wave technology is not only applicable in space but also has terrestrial applications too!

How will you receive internet?

Getting internet from space is very simple. In fact, it works the same way as DTH television. All you need is an antenna and a set top box. Once this basic installation this done, you will get wired and/or wifi internet on all your devices like computers, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. Home users can expect speeds upto 50Mbps and business can expect upto 400 Mbps. Yes, we mean 50 Mbps and 400 Mbps.

What else will we enable?

Reliable, high speed broadband internet will open up boundless opportunities to both businesses and individuals. It can

  • revolutionise the way education and healthcare services are delivered,
  • help IoT and e-retailers explore the unexplored markets, and
  • allow governments to take their schemes and services to the masses efficiently.

If you are an organisation, in any of these sectors, do get in touch with us. We can even have solutions tailor made to suit your needs!