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High Speed Mixed Signal and FPGA Board Designer


1. Designing Mixed Signal and FPGA boards
2. Selecting the components based on requirements, prepare schematic and layout for the boards.
3. Designing required power supply for optimum performance of the board.
4. Doing SI and PI analysis of the designed boards
5. Working with Thermal team to get thermal analysis done.
6. Work with Mechanical team to get the housing designed.
7. Configuring DACs/ADCs and bring up the boards and validate its performance.
8. Writing test scripts in VHDL/Verilog/HLS for the designed FPGA board for validation.
9. Assisting the validation team throughout the testing process.


1. Masters or Bachelors degree with 3+ years of experience in High Speed Mixed Signal and FPGA Board Design.
2. Familiar with design tools such as Orcad, Allegro, ADS and Vivado.
3. Hands on experience using JESD204B and Xilinx Ultrascale FPGAs is a plus.
4. Experience in layout consideration for high speed boards.
5. Selecting components and preparing BOM

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